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To Toss or Not to Toss
Printer, Typewriter, Fax, Repair Perplexity

In the office equipment repair business there is one question you hear over and over again. 'Why not buy a new one rather than repairing the old one?' Many have come to believe that it is cheaper, easier or better to purchase a new computer, printer, fax or even typewriter, rather than performing a few printer repairs on the old one. But is this assumption correct?

Is it cheaper? Sometimes. A good technician knows where to draw the line and say, "well,the cost to repair this HP laser printer exceeds the value of the machine. Just replace it." But more often than not your inkjet printer, all in one or fax machines CAN be repaired for a third or much less than the value of the equipment. Furthermore, consumers often invest in consumables such as toner and ink, which also must be discarded with the condemned machine. If you actually still use a typewriter then be aware that your older IBM Selectric or Wheelwriter typewriter will probably last longer and perform better than anything sold new on the market today.

Is it easier? Sometimes. But usually not! The myth is that if I buy a new machine I can just plug it in and be done with it. But the reality is that not every machine is compatible with every computer configuration. Plus, you have already worked out the bugs and paid your dues with your current machine.

Is it better? Hardly ever. Newer machines often under perform the machines they replace. In general, there is a trend today toward more plastic and less durability (this is especially true if you still own a typewriter).

The landfill is full of defunct printers, typewriters and fax machines
that could have been used effectively for years, but fell prey to the myth that new is cheaper, easier and better. Save a tree (packing material) protect the environment (landfill) and spare your bank account ($$) by calling Mike at 805-704-9704.
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