About Us



My name is Mike Edwards and I have been repairing office equipment since 1983. My wife, Shay, and I moved to SLO County on January 2nd, 2010 to be near family. My daughter gave birth to our first grandchild in July of 2010 in her home in beautiful Arroyo Grande and now  we have three. 

We love San Luis Obispo, the Five Cities and Santa Maria! We love the North County and Morro Bay.  We intend to stay here until retirement!

It has been a genuine pleasure serving the office equipment needs of people who are so friendly and appreciative.  :)  

You can depend on Accutek



Most people want to know they can have confidence in their printer repair technician. I hope it assures you to know that while self-employed in San Diego I had a solid customer base for over 20 years.  Besides my regular customers I also performed subcontract repairs for several national companies such as Halifax, Wincor, Nixdorff, Image One and AlphaNational. I maintained these relationships because my customers and sub-contractors knew I wouldn't let them down.  

I also repair typewriters in Grover Beach.  Accutek Printer Repair in Grover Beach is ready to serve you!  Call 805-704-9704

Here's the Bottom Line


 Do you have a problem machine? Whether it is a laser printer, a multi-function inkjet printer, a tiny fax or even a typewriter, it is my privilege to serve you. Struggling with a tight budget? Whether you work in a mobile home or a penthouse suite, let me help you avoid the extra cost of replacing a machine that might render years of continued service.  Call 805-704-9704

Accutek Printer Repair in Grover Beach: serving San Luis Obispo County since 2010 and San Diego from 1989 through the end of 2009.